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Business Financial Planning

Business Financial Planning

Business Financial Planning

We want to help your business succeed, so we help you achieve your goals and success by creating financial business strategies to fit any scenario. We’ll guide and be with you every step of the way so you can feel more confident of the road ahead.

How We Help

Business Succession Planning

When the time comes for leadership or ownership of your company to change, Premier Retirement Plan Advisors will be ready to help. Our business succession planning includes buy/sell agreements, exit strategies, business valuation support, and disability buyout arrangements. Through this planning process, you can continue operating smoothly.

Executive Compensation Strategies

We work together with our business clients to help determine if executive compensation plans involve non-qualified deferred compensation, executive bonuses and/or Split Dollar Plans. We can simplify the complexities and facilitate a better understanding of the various forms of executive compensation so that they make sense for your company and meet your long term goals and objectives, which ultimately may translate to shareholders’ best interests.

Key Person Insurance

When it comes to protecting your company, Key Person Insurance can help ensure your company's success in the result of an owner, executive or other critical person's death. As a result, the company would be the beneficiary, as well as pay premiums, and receive payment distributions from the policy. This type of insurance is necessary if said person's death would harm the future success of the company. 


Our focus is on your business and what you need to help make it successful and a rewarding place to work.

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